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Durabody Weight Lifting Belts are designed to give you the best protection when doing an intense workout. With increase spinal stability during heavy lifts, you can train hard and not worry about injury. With increased spinal stability, better body bio-mechanics and increased performance, Durabody Weight Lifting Belts are guaranteed to give you what you need to succeed.

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Why Durabody USA Weight Lifting Belts?


Durabody weight lifting belts increase intra – abdominal pressure and pushes on the spine to support from inside. This support is what helps to reduce the stress on the spine and protect you from back injury.


Durabody Weight lifting belts help to create better body bio – mechanics by reducing the amount of spinal flexion, spinal extension and lateral flexion of the spine. It forces you to lift with your legs rather than your back.


Consistent use of Durabody weight lifting belts can lead to increased power, strength and muscular growth. Maintaining good form and power throughout a set is imperative and Durabody weight lifting belts are designed to meet this need.

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Durabody Weight Lifting Belts are made with 100% REAL Leather!