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Durabody Gloves are designed to provide the necessary support for all your resistance training needs. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned lifter, everyone needs the tools to achieve success. With improved grip strength, wrist support and lasting durability, Durabody Workout gloves are guaranteed to provide you with the capabilities to reach your full potential.

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Why Durabody USA Workout Gloves?

check-mark2 Improved Grip Strength

Durabody Workout Gloves help to improve your grip strength by making it easier to grip barbells and dumbbells  when your hands become sweaty. You won’t have to worry about the bar slipping from your hands

check-mark2 Wrist Support

Durabody Workout Gloves provides tremendous wrist support and protection for your hands when performing heavy lifts. By providing stabilization for your wrists, you avoid injuries common in those who don’t use workout gloves.

check-mark2 Prevention of Callous

Avoid creating nasty callouses and sores to your palms and protect your hand with Durabody Workout Gloves. Our gloves are made from 100% leather and provide the durability needed for intense workouts.

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Durabody Weight Lifting Gloves are made with 100% REAL Leather!